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What I Learned on the Internet Today

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. ~ Eartha Kitt

I’m pretty knowledgeable about WordPress… generally. I know my way around a framework as well as the next guy. I follow the development of each new version of WordPress with some regularity, but today, I learned that sometimes you can be so close to a project (or in this case a piece of software) that you miss some of the basics.

I was chatting with a Twitter friend (@maddisondesigns) about the upcoming Version 3.4 of WordPress, and mentioned that I was really looking forward to being able to embed videos from various sites by just pasting the link in a post rather than the whole “<embed>” code, and that this would be a great time saver for my clients on WordPress.

To his credit, he gently pointed out that, well, you already can. I was convinced (I don’t know why) that this was an upcoming feature in version 3.4. Again, he gently pointed out that they are extending this functionality to Tweets, but assured me that it already does this for videos from a whole host of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Daily Motion, and others.

Well, smack my face and call me Sally! Lo and behold, you can, it does, and I was sadly missing out for who knows how long.

As proof, here’s the second thing I learned on the internet today:

Sammy Davis, Jr. (you know, The Candyman) was a drummer! Who knew?

And not just a drummer: a percussionist!

Both video embeds were done by just pasting the YT link. Who knew!?

If you want to learn these and more WordPress nuggets of goodness, I highly recommend Anthony’s Easy WP Guide website. I’ve got some reading to do.

  • Thanks for the mention Mike. It’s one of those things that not a lot of people seem to know about, hence the reason why there’s a heap of 3rd party plugins for embedding things like YouTube vids and the like.

    The oEmbed functionality has actually been in WordPress since V2.9 (for most of the services). It’s a very handy feature and the addition of Twitter in WordPress 3.4 is going to be a great feature. You can find out further information about it in the WordPress Codex…

    • mikeconaty

      And you were too kind to not use this as another reason to make fun of me on teh Twitterz. :-) Hope you like getting top billing over Sammy Davis Jr. too!