#DCTH Transcripts for August 26, 2010

OK, back to school time means back to #DCTH & #EDCTH time, OK Twitter… just keep behaving. The transcripts for today’s design/development nerdfests are below: edcth-260810.pdf dcth-082610.pdf And just for a hoot, here’s what we were yapping about 1 year ago: dcth-082709.pdf

#DCTH Transcripts for July 22, 2010

Thanks to all for another (I say that every week, don’t I)… Hey folks, if you missed #EDCTH or #DCTH this week on Twitter, never fear, the transcripts are here: edcth-220710.pdf dcth-072210.pdf Check ’em out, and remember to follow those folks you don’t already follow… it will make them happy. No really, they’ll be very…

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#DCTH Transcripts for July 15, 2010

Pithy discussions abounded all day today. Maybe we’re all inspired by the whole #thesiswp kerfuffle. The transcript from today’s #EDCTH can be found here: edcth-150710.pdf The transcript from #DCTH can be found here: dcth-071510.pdf If you’d like to help @jesskupferman with a short survey for creative professionals; what’s stopping you? Go Here!

#DCTH Transcripts for July 1, 2010

Twitter API Call Limits be Damned!!! Despite the occasional funkiness, #EDCTH & #DCTH both went off with only a few, minor hitches. The transcript for today’s #EDCTH can be found here: edcth-010710.pdf The #DCTH transcript is here: dcth-070110.pdf Thanks for another swell couple of discussions!

#DCTH Transcripts for May 27, 2010

We didn’t break Twitter this week! The transcripts for today’s #EDCTH can be found here: edcth-270510.pdf The transcripts for today’s #DCTH can be found here: dcth-052710.pdf Thanks to all for turning out & making #DCTH & #EDCTH rock!