#DCTH Transcripts for May 20, 2010

Despite some early-onset Twitter issues, it was another spectacular #DCTH tonight. Thanks to all that held tight. The transcript of today’s #EDCTH session can be found here: edcth-200510.pdf The transcript of today’s #DCTH session can be found here: dcth-052010.pdf

#DCTH Transcripts for May 13, 2010

So we’re having a small database issue over at dcth.info right now, so I’m hosting the #EDCTH & #DCTH transcripts over here for now. Happy Birthday to @chadengle who was MIA tonight as he had a previous engagement with a certain Chuck E. Cheese and a certain skiball machine. :-D (He’ll probably make age jokes…

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Slanderer’s List

I just sent out a tweet that got me thinking: Wondering when the downside to lists will come: Suppose I created a list called “Zipperheads” or “Dumb People”… might cause a stir Twitter just released the List function to all (or most) users, and people are busy playing with the feature, constructing new lists from…

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Loving the Old Typography

I just scanned in a few old documents from my ancestors, and I was struck by the typography on my Grandfather’s discharged from the US Army dated February 27, 1919. (Yes that was a long time ago.)  I specially like the Blackletter used in the heading, but I’m also liking the curious mix of fonts…

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