Wow this networking stuff is cool.

istock_000003225418xsmallIt’s been one of those days; you know the kind: one of those days where the both the love and hate sides of the love/hate relationship with technology reared their ugly heads.

What started out as an “I-hate-all-things-tech” day (major outage at my web host, well my web host, and the host of most of my clients.)  Mad scrambles to figure out what was going on… what seemed like hours on the phone (OK, so it was more like 20 minutes) trying to find out what they were doing about it.  Many, MANY calls to clients to warn them that all was well, despite their web sites being down.  Then, all of the sudden, they were back up and running, and I was back in love with technology once again.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, finishing touches on a 9-DVD set for a client… hours (actually hours this time) waiting for videos to render or DVDs to burn, so I decided to catch up on a little blog reading, and whatnot.

I got an email, and phone call from Greg Thomas at Brownstone Digital yesterday.  It seems that he had just published an interview with the great Grady Tate at  He found me through my Squidoo lens about my favorite jazz drummer (and singer) Grady Tate. Now I have to admit, it’s been a wile since I’d made any improvements to that Squidoo lens, but there on page 7 of the Google results, is my little homage to Mr. Tate, which Greg found, and found me through.   We’ve been exchanging emails for the past copuple of days now.  His production company is doing a number of very hip things (sorry, I’m channeling my drum teacher Ron Whitney) including a series called Jazz It Up, which features performances and interviews with the cats making the music (again, channeling Ron).  Check it out, Episode 1 has two performances from Grady Tate, and an interview as well.

Meanwhile, Brian MacKenzie from Balance Productions found my piece from BrunswickMediaBlog about him and his cover story in EventDV Magazine.  Brian is a Unicycling Glidecam operator.  Let me repeat that.  A Unicycling Glidecam operator!  Anyway, we’ve been emailing back and forth today as well.

And my favorite video guy Director Tom had a pretty cool post that I commented on today while waiting for the second HVAC walk-through DVD to render.  I heard back from him with a pretty cool little tip within minutes.

So, while I spent the day pretty much alone here in Middlesex, waiting for video to render (think of paint drying without the drama), I got to chat with 2 colleagues I just met, one in NYC and the other in London, Ontario, and also catch up a bit with one in CT… and I haven’t moved from 214 Lincoln Blvd.

Yeah, I love technology again.