Video Inspiration of the Day – Life on Mars

The word synergy has been beaten to death in the business world, this little video will bring it back to life.

I’ve been watching the video sketches of NYC videographer moriza and I’m amazed at how he resists the urge to use wide shots to either establish the scene or define the subjects of his pieces; opting instead to focus on parts of a subject to tell the tale.

In this piece, the subject is a NYC bus (a fairly large-scale object) in New York City (a fairly sizable setting). Shot with an Xacti HD1000 (a small consumer camcorder) and edited in iMovieHD, moriza’s work here shows how to tell a story using the synergy of the parts to define the overall picture.

Of course, he helped me to choose this one by using one of my favorite songs David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” as played by The Life Aquatic’s Seu Jorge.

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