#DCTH Chat Session for 05/14/09


He (or She) who lives by the Twitter, dies by the Twitter – Mikeclese the Elder, AD 2009

Wow, a major combo-FAIL tonight: Twitter’s Search API borked #DCTH midway through, and the subsequent Tinychat room was booting folks (like @DCTH) or not allowing folks to post… On top of that, a stray bad-click on my part in the Tweetchat room resulted in my loosing most of the first hour’s worth of chat… But have no fear, @john_cozen came to the rescue, and had the full chat at the ready. Follow @john_cozen!!! HUGE props to him for helping to salvage the transcripts!!!!

For those who missed it, or for those who couldn’t keep up with the chat and links, here’s the PDF of this weeks #DCTH Session:


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