Those the Jazz World lost in 2010

Dr. Billy Taylor press photoAs with every year, the Jazz world lost too many talented musicians to 2010. I came across a list on the Village Voice website, and with a little research, have put together a playlist of videos on YouTube of as many of these artists as I could find.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Take a few minutes (or hours) and find someone you didn’t know, listen to their artistry, think of them for a minute or two, then make a resolution to go out and see more live jazz/blues/whatever in the new year.

In roughly Alphabetical Order:

Ahmad Alaadeen – Saxaphone
Fred Anderson – Saxaphone
Danny Bank – Bass Clarinet/Saxaphone
Edgar Bateman – Drums
Harry Beckett – Trumpet/Flugalhorn
Bob Bowen – Bass
Willem Breuker – Soprano Saxophone/Clarinet
Jack Brokensha – Vibraphone
Marion Brown – Saxaphone
Paul Bryant – Organ
Dick Buckley – Jazz Radio DJ
John Bunch – Piano
Solomon Burke – Singer
Tito Burns – Accordian
Hadley Caliman – Saxaphone
Tony Campise – Saxaphone
Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) – Guitar/Vocals/Etc.
Tony Cennamo – Jazz Radio DJ
Ian Christie – Keyboards
Gloria Coleman – Organ
Buddy Collette – Saxaphone
Joyce Collins – Singer
Gene “Mighty Flea” Connors – Trombone
John Dankworth – Saxaphone/Clarinet
John Defoor – Jazz Educator/Composer
Bill Dixon – Trumpet
Diz Disley – Guitar
Aaron Dodd – Tuba
Jesse Drakes – Trumpet
Martin Drew – Drums
Francis Dreyfus – Producer
Herb Ellis – Guitar
Allyn Ferguson – Composer
Bill Fitch – Percussion
Hotep Idris Galeta – Piano
George Garanian – Saxaphone
Roger Guérin – Trumpet

Jake Hanna – Drums
Chuck Hedges – Clarinet
Peter Herbolzheimer – Trombone
Lena Horne – Singer
Noah Howard – Saxaphone
Robbie Jansen – Saxaphone
Jane Jarvis – Organ
Dick Johnson – Saxaphone
Eddie Johnson – Saxaphone
Hank Jones – Piano
Harry Klein – Saxaphone
Tuli Kupferberg – Lyricist/Poet
Consuela Lee – Piano/Educator
Gene Lees – Lyricist
Herman Leonard – Photographer
Carl Leukaufe – Vibraphone
Abbey Lincoln – Singer
Gene Ludwig – Organ
Andy McCloud – Bass
Rob McConnell – Trombone

Betty MacDonald – Violin
Teena Marie – Piano/Singer
Jim Marshall – Photographer
Mitch Miller – Bandleader/TV Host
Jackie Mills – Drums
Willie Mitchell – Organ
Montego Joe – Percussion
James Moody – Flute/Saxaphone
Buddy Morrow – Trombone/Bandleader

Paulo Moura – Saxaphone
Jamil Nasser – Bass
Steve Neil – Bass
John Norris – Magazine Publisher
Mike Pacheco – Percussion
Jack Parnell – Drums
Bobby Paunetto – Marimba/Vibraphone
Walter Payton – Bass/Singer
Harvey Pekar – Animator/Jazz Record Collector
Mimi Perrin – Lyricist
Harvey Phillips – Tuba
Trudy Pitts – Piano/Organ
Terry Pollard – Piano/Vibraphone
Benny Powell – Trombone
Steve Reid – Drums
Jack Rose – Guitar
Manfred Schulze – Saxaphone
Johnny Scott – Flute
Joya Sherrill – Singer
Sid Simmons – Piano
Nevil Skrimshire – Guitar/Magazine Editor
Dennis Stock – Photographer
Billy Taylor – Piano/Educator
Ed Thigpen – Drums
Art Van Damme – Accordion
Carol Ventura – Singer
Phillip Walker – Guitar
Larry Warrilow – Composer/Orchestrator
George Webb – Piano/Promoter
George David Weiss – Songwriter
Harry Whitaker – Piano
Earl Wild – Piano
Ed Wiley Jr. – Saxaphone/Singer
Valdo Williams – Piano
Jimmy Wyble – Guitar
Mike Zwerin – Trumpet