Position Available: Amazing Employer

Thought I’d turn the tables around a bit:

Position Overview

Position Title: Amazing Employer
Base Salary: Negotiable
Other Salary: Negotiable
Employer Type: Full-time (Freelance positions may also be considered)
Industry: Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Video Production, Web Design
Location: Open

Employee Overview

Mike Conaty has been a leader in the marketing field for over 20 years, with a dedication to quality work not often matched by competitors. With dozens of satisfied former employers and clients, this is your opportunity to hire an experienced marketer with a solid background in classical marketing techniques for your team.

Previous Amazing Employers have included: CRC Press, Inc., Environmental Law Institute, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, and American Repertory Ballet. Delighted clients have included: Finance Arts LLC, SoboConsulting, Ports America, The Gutster LLC, and many more.

For more information about Mike Conaty, and this exciting opportunity to employ this new media savvy marketing director, check out his resume today!

Job Description

The Amazing Employer will be required to provide a collegial working atmosphere that fosters and encourages the best from their employees; salary & benefits are negotiable, the atmosphere is not.

Essential Amazing Employer Job Functions

  • Vision
  • A dedication to client/consumer delight
  • Both a respect and passion for quality work
  • A solid product line or service offering
  • A team of dedicated coworkers

How to apply: Drop me a line here.