They're fixing a hole, where the electricity come in, and stops my my from wondering...

Unconnected Ramblings of a Disconnected Mind

So I’m sitting here typing away on the laptop as the electrician replaces my electrical breaker panel. Batteries and 3G networks mean that I’m not really cut-off from modern technology, I just have to adapt a bit.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to just sit down and write something, given the hour the electrician estimates it will take him to do the job. I really can’t do any video work on this laptop, and no power means no WiFi, so let’s see where this goes:

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you probably have a bunch of draft posts that either never got off the ground, or were just not ready for prime-time. Knowing that I would be without life-giving WiFi for at least an hour, I went through my backlog of posts from this blog and from my “professional” blog BrunswickMediaBlog to see if there were any jumping off points for posts that I could finish.

What I found were a number of great titles with little or no content. Bad Mike, bad, bad Mike. Writing is a habit. Ideas fly around every day, but unless they are captured, they fly away, never to be heard from again. In most cases, the great ideas I had for blog posts are gone (insert flowery gossamer reference here). That’s a shame. I have a perfectly good blog here, and great (OK, passable) post ideas that have left the building.

A sampling of abandoned posts include:

  • A tutorial on how to create a video tilt-shift effect in an outdated version of Sony Vegas.
  • My musings on using micro-data for better event page SEO.
  • A series on how to talk to creative professionals as a client.
  • Something titled: “You’re Measuring What!?!”

Exciting stuff, I know, but each of these is a missed opportunity to reach a potential client, a potential colleague, or just provide my (undoubtedly insightful) opinion about… whatever.

So, my Still-Newish Mid-Year resolution: write more often. I may not publish it on the blog, but at least try and get more ideas down.